Thursday, September 10, 2009

A work in progress

Since it's the most timely of the issues we face, I'll be working on influeza vaccinations, testing and treatment for the next few days and post more about the plans for the budding community later.

If anyone has expertise in making a forums, feel free to move the posts I have over and I'll work on further educational materials there.

Health care advice must be individualized, but there is a lot to be learned before getting into the room and making a decision. You are the best person to balance the risks and benefits ; medical professionals are simply here to interpret the language for you.

The information can be a little overwhelming until you get used to filtering out the advertisements from the data.

I'm here to supply information ahead of time so you can have a foundation to making an informed decision.

I welcome your questions and starting 10/1/09 I will be available most of the day to answer questions, provide advice and arange for free evals to help keep you away from the aspects of the medical system that do the least good. to send emails, the same ID (doctorcrafts) will be my screen name for the free yahoo instant messenger service
sign up for yahoo instant messenger for online, instant access to your former PCP

I am resigning from the for profit medical system because it is bankrupting and sickening society. The practitioners within this corrupt system are good people who are fighting the good fight in an increasingly unmanageble financial/political landscape. I want to devote ALL of my time and energy toward helping patients separate the wheat from the chaff, the propaganda from reality. I have no financial incentives. My reward is reducing the harms and profits generated by a corrupt, mindless and heartless system. I am no longer your primary care physician (PCP); I am now your health care advocate (HCA). What I have to offer is free of charge.

PS the remainder of these posts probably make more sense if read from last to 1st...