Sunday, October 25, 2009

Time Magazine Article on Cancer Screening'

It's weird to me how no one wants to say "well since these tests are more likely to harm healthy people than save healthy people from cancer, let's not do these tests."

I mean if this was a pill to prevent cancer and yeah it prevents cancer in 1 person out of 2000 who take it for 10 years but the pill causes cancer to be diagnosed unnecessarily in 10 people out of 2000 who take it for 10 years and it causes almost all of them to have at least one false alarm for having cancer over those 10 years..... That pill would be laughed off the market.

I think it's just too horrible to admit such a large mistake.

We made a mistake. The 1st step is to admit it and stop making it worse by continuing to do the same harmful things just because it's what we've always done.