Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

This list will constantly be changing as I figure out exactly what can and can't be done through this community.  Think of me as a free supplement to your health care;  sort of like supplemental insurance except without the paperwork.  Or think of me as an eccentric retired uncle physician who enjoys giving away his knowledge and skills to family members.  

I'm still not crystal clear on any limits to prescribing authority and ordering tests and labs,  but the goal will be avoid getting into writing a ton of prescriptions or ordering a lot of routine tests since the infrastructure to collect and store that data won't present.  

What can I do?

Provide advice,  answer questions,  do limited physical exams (check ups,  well child checks, sports physicals) 
Deal with acute problems like colds, flues, bronchitis, sinusitis
Help you manage your chronic medical problems such as diabetes,  high blood pressure (you'll still need to involve your primary care provider)
Home visits
Work visits
Group visits
Walk in the park visits
Hiking visits
Biking visits
Educational lectures to small groups, class rooms etc
Blood pressure checks

What can't I do?

Referrals to specialists (that requires dealing with insurance companies) 
Refills of chronic medicines (requires access to medical records and fax machines)
Prescribe pain medicines, benzodiazepines, stimulants or any other controlled substances (that's just asking for trouble)
DOT physicals or other work physicals that require lab work or other special testing 
Hospital care (requires insurance company credentialing) 
Fill out paperwork for your insurance company 
Deal with nursing home faxes or faxes of any sort
Nursing Home visits ( except to visit;  can't write orders there without insurance credentials )

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