Sunday, September 6, 2009

Good Swine Flu Overview

But first a word about vaccines in general. I've found a tendency amongst folks to reflexively think that if someone is skeptical of the benefits of an isolated vaccine then that someone must be "anti vaccinations". This would be like saying if you're suspicious of the benefits of Nexium over Prilosec, you're "anti pharmaceuticals". Just like with a pill, it is only logical to look at the risks and benefits of each vaccine separately.

Pretty brilliant

Not about the swine flu but it gives you an idea of the conversation we should be having when we review risks and benefits BEFORE mass vaccination

this one talks about our past experience with pandemics and off season epidemics of the flu and how usually the second wave is a whimper

I have this next one posted elsewhere but it's such a good flu overview that I couldn't resist posting it again; an interview with Dr Tom Jefferson about influenza in general and the recent H1N1 as well,1518,637119,00.html

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