Friday, September 11, 2009

In the News 9/11/9

ok this one is great

notice how the swine flu has hit and is the dominant strain of influenza already all over the country. Ok so that means we basically just vaccinated people all over the country. The outbreak has happened and it's not the end of the world afterall. Since most people are better in 3-4 days, this outbreak is like any unique viral plague with kids missing school and more visits to the doctor's office for reassurance. There are people who get really sick for sure, but this is kinda it. People are getting more and more immune as we speak yet the US government with the full backing of the CDC and major medical societies is the proud owner of 198 MILLION doses of the swine flu vaccine? Who is going to be left to vaccinate?

And notice who is reporting on safety and efficacy data, the companies making the vaccine. Wow sign me up for that shot!

It MIGHT prevent a 3 day illness

It might be safe

Oh and this is a great quote

"Chinese manufacturers gave the first hint a week ago that one dose could be enough. But different manufacturers make different formulations of the vaccine, so more evidence was needed."

Come on! The Chinese vaccine by the way has a different formulation! wonderful

so not only is the vaccine not made by the some people, but there's different stuff you can mix in the shot to make it work better or stay preserved longer

i don't quite remember but wasn't there a deal with chinese made stuff killing pets and poisoning babies?


The local medical community should be signing petitions for a city counsel resolution reaffirming the citizen's right to choose and refuse medical treatments including this untested, largely irrelevant vaccine.

Sounds like a good use of the local farmer's market....

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