Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Thanks to Joel I've gone twitter crazy. There's still time for people to push back against this mindless swine flu vaccination campaign. There's still the forums to get started (finally) but between seeing sick children and doing sports physicals, I've been working on ways to encourage debate over the swine flu mandates throughout the health care industry. Most of you are aware of Memorial Hospital's decision to force all their clinicians to accept an untested bio pharmaceutical or suffer the consequence of wearing a mask on hospital property for 5 months: A very public questioning of their individual clinical judgement.

I have a slide show to get published looking at the CDC data on the swine flu epidemic.

Join twitter if you haven't already to participate in spreading the knowledge.


Any of you who want to sit down and talk about anything, I'm an email away. I've enjoyed the meetings I've had with folks so far.

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