Thursday, November 5, 2009

CDC Flu Charts

Let's look at the laboratory confirmed influenza hospitalization rates for children during different flu seasons and compare it to this year using the CDC's own data.   Now pay attention to the X axis which gives you an idea of the risk of children being hospitalized with the flu.  We're talking around 3 our of 10,000 children for a lot of these seasons.  

This 1st graph shows several years including 2003-4 season where around 8 out of 10,000 children ages 0-4 were hospitalized.  

Compare that to the swine flu, pictures on the left and some recent seasons on the right.  For children ages 0-4 so far we're still below 3 out of 10,000 hospitalized.  This is despite the fact that swine flu infects more children than the regular flu.

So this far into the outbreak,  we're still dealing with a virus that hospitalizes fewer children that most of the seasonal flu viruses for the past several years.  

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