Friday, November 20, 2009

Swine Flu Peaks?

But somehow it's STILL important to get your vaccine and take Tamiflu. I want a big scoreboard of the 200 million doses the government ordered for the US that ticks down as the vaccines are actually delivered to clinics and pharmacies. So we can see how many are left over and ask for our money back.

Even better let's see a running total of vaccines actually administered to people.

Great use of health care resources "leaders".

While I'm at it wishing for stuff, I also want to see a total of the profits generated from the sales of Tamiflu and vaccinations.

OK go ahead and include the money wasted on advertising the "pandemic".

Notice how the mutations in H1N1 variety of flu virus occur so consistently with Tamiflu? Yeah H1N1 is really good at mutating into a Tamiflu resistant form. So when the worry was "if swine flu mutates it could be more deadly" why would we promote the use of Tamiflu so widely? So widely that the company ramped up production so high that they surpassed their total production adding up the past 9 years? Yeah the company that makes Tamiflu is making more Tamiflu this year than they have in all of Tamifu history.

A drug without proven benefit other than decreasing the natural course of some flu strains a day.

Well at least the swine flu is decreasing before seasonal flu hits but you wait when seasonal flu hits. We'll hear something like "we can't tell if this is yet another wave of more severe swine flu!"

Who writes this stuff?

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