Sunday, March 21, 2010


At the briefing, the CDC reported that 155 million doses of H1N1 vaccine had been shipped for distribution throughout the U.S. and about 70 million doses had been administered

So around 23% of the population in the US decided to participate in the H1N1 vaccination program. The government purchased around 200 million doses, shipped 155 million and the vast majority of people despite the unprecedented media bombardment decided to say "no thanks".

If that doesn't make you proud of people, then I got nothing for ya :)

That's awesome. The best marketing and scaremongering the medical industrial complex could muster resulted in a big whopping 23% compliance with the untested vaccine.

Bravo Americans.

This is a perfect example of the loss of legitimacy suffered by the health care system. People aren't even "buying" the "free" vaccine.

Someone ask the CDC if we can get a refund for those 130 million doses they purchased but didn't use. We could use the cash to bail out california :)

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