Thursday, December 23, 2010

So on Christmas Eve We're gonna open this clinic

Down at the Union Gospel Mission on 1st street there's a little clinic that's been there about 13 years.  A mess of health care workers have volunteered to run a clinic by appointment from 9-3 tomorrow Christmas Eve.  It's pretty sweet little clinic with dental chairs and dental xrays in a couple rooms and 2 small medical exam rooms.   There's not a lot of medical supplies like injectables and lab testing supplies and stuff but we'll get supplies as we go.

Itsa free clinic and we're starting out with just seeing folks living at the mission and working/volunteering at the mission.  Plus I'm allowed to schedule my own home-visit/email patients in there too.

We'll be doing a walk in clinic for the mission folks on Christmas from 1-5 if anyone wants to stop by and bring us food :)

Email me if you want to make an appointment for tomorrow

Here's their website  ;  it'll get updated eventually with the more recent developments

right now it's got stuff about the med student clinic that's been running every other saturday run totally by the DO med students

there's a long story to this ,  of course

heath care workers who want to volunteer contact

Everyone who has wanted to donate money to me over the last 14 odd months,  please donate to the UGM and the UGMC once we get a donate button.


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