Friday, October 2, 2009


Well folks,

Looks like this weekend we should have a forums site which will be much more organized and searchable

I was thinking we could use a section for stories about the hard economic times made worse or caused by the cost of health care. I've heard over the last 9 years more and more stories of folks stuck with unpayable medical bills that they are forced to deal with in the middle of an illness. Even more frequently I hear about the rising copays, deductibles, insurance denials, hard time affording medicines etc.

The financial stress the system causes sure isn't good for our health.

So I'm looking for contributions and personal stories once the forums is up and running. Everything you contribute can be annonymous.

Those of you who aren't getting email responses from me, check your spam folders. These email programs nowadays love to randomly put email in the spam folder. Yet another reason to get on the instant messenger.

Those of you who are overwhelmed trying to figure out the computer stuff, I can always come over and set stuff up for you when I make home visits.

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