Thursday, October 1, 2009

Things I Need Help with

ok tons of yall are asking how you can help

here are things I can think of you can give me:

1) Your time and consideration and skepticism for a few of the issues I raise on this blog that grap your attention; ask questions on IM or email or in person , I enjoy explaining this stuff

2) Anyone who can make a forums site out of this hodgepodge of posts here go ahead and set it up

3) I want to plant; I want my front yard to produce food, like a couple fruit trees mixed in with rows of peas and beans and what not; the problem is , i'm clueless on how to turn the water, soil and sunlight into something edible; i know that i probably have to start by rototilling the yard? any expertise or assistance would be appreciated

4) research medical topics and send me the links to good sites and i'll post them up ; politics, science , policy it doesn't matter anything that educates benefits the entire community

5) Request the fee scales from every medical establishment with whom you interact. There's some law that clinics and hospitals and radiology suites have to give you a copy of their services and charges if requested. Get those pieces of paper and give them to me and up they go.

6) Ask every doctor you interact with about their take on swine flu. Ask them the risks of getting the swine flu, getting hospitalized from the swine flu and the benefits of the vaccine to come. Ask them if they believe in mandatory vaccinations of children in the public schools , health care workers, the general population. Ask if they believe this virus warrants forced quarantine.

Your questions have a profound impact on our practice, trust me. It doesn't take many patients asking the answer to something we don't know before we start dusting off our brains.

Thank you

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